What is "Business Consulting"?

We offer tailored consulting services for a variety of businesses and company situations. We advise on both organizational and structural changes within a business, as well as specialty subject areas within the fields of finance and risk management. We also support you in handling IT challenges and large-scale IT projects, by providing intensive training and coaching, quality management, and IT and ERP architecture-related support.

Our Business Consulting Services

Coaching Services & Interim Services

Companies lose skills when managers or specialists are temporarily out of action or leave the company at short notice. Our consultants are on hand to to give you the support you require.

Risk Management

In order to avoid risks it is vital that they are recognised, classified and evaluated. Tiered hierarchies, complex processes and IT systems, and international integration make risk management necessary to help secure the future of a company.

Finance Management

Business Consulting Finance Management is supporting your finance department in particularly challenging projects.

IT Management

Strategic management of the IT directly influences your success in business. We offer tailored IT management consulting services for a variety of businesses and company situations. We advise on both organizational and structural changes within your organization.

Organizational Management

With our experience in organizational management we provide you with the best possible services regarding organization and IT check, 360-degree company check, Process-oriented IT requirements and process optimization.

Reviews & Audits

IT infrastructures and processes are becoming ever more complex. The implementation of an internal control system (ICS) for processes allows you to define and conduct internal auditing procedures.

We provide operational support, and oversee projects until the predefined goal is reached, and beyond (if required). Our recommendations bring useful, tangible results, and can be implemented immediately with or without our assistance.

We see our Consulting and Support Services as supplementary and complementary to the familiar ERP Consulting and Implementation Services offered by MSC Legacy Corp. Our Business Consulting Services can be provided independently of ERP projects, or in advance of or subsequent to an ERP project, as appropriate. We can also provide direct support for IT and implementation projects.

A partnership of equals

We see our work together as a partnership of equals. Glossy, off-the-shelf presentations and abstract, theoretical visions, therefore, are not our style. We see ourselves as a pragmatic service provider that is here to offer you specific, bespoke, and above all, feasible and immediately solutions that are developed with your input.

Extensive experience of your industry and the medium-sized business while keeping sight of the ‘human factor’

Based on our many years of experience in Business Consulting, we can confidently and justifiably say: We understand your industry, and we understand the numerous challenges that SMEs operating on a national and international level face. We understand the many and varied dependencies and relationships between the organization, processes and IT functions — even in large-scale enterprises. In our work, we never lose sight of the “human factor”; we know from experience that we cannot successfully implement a project without involving the employees and ensuring that their various goals and interests are taken into serious consideration.

For the provision of our Consulting Services, we employ Business Software Consultants from a wide range of backgrounds with many years of experience, always ensuring that the right Consultant is selected for the individual project. To give you the best possible service, we discuss your requirements directly, and tailor every offering to the specific situation. We also maintain direct contact with colleagues working on the implementation projects, if appropriate.

Get more out of your business

Does this sound interesting?

By working with you, we will find the ideal concept to meet your specific requirements. Get in touch with us to discuss how MSC Legacy Corp and our specific Business Consulting Services can help you achieve more output with your business.